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About Premium Houston Homes

The three most common reasons to sell you home are.

 1) family-related, 2) work-related and 3) housing related. If a homeowner receives a job transfer, gets a new job or simply finds the daily commute unbearable, he/she will often make the decision to sell and purchase a property closer to his or her workplace. Other common reasons for relocating include 1) being closer to church or family, 2) the desire to live in a different city or a better part of town, 3) better home amenities, 4) a growing (or shrinking) family, 5) personal hardship, 6) getting the kids into a better school system or 7) simply the desire to upsize or downsize. 

This is an Interview with Tricia Turner who is one of the Top producing Agent's in the Fulshear, Katy area.

Kent Harris Interview

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